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It's sledding season!

Snow Daze

New Line-Up coming in 2024!

Take a look at everything from Snow Daze Snow sleds in the link below, and check out the hottest snow sleds this winter season!


About Snow Daze

Welcome to SNOW DAZE!

The partners at Keeper Sports Products, LLC were part of a team that introduced the first foam snow sleds in 1998.  The idea was simple really, we took a foam bodyboard, made it thinner, curled the nose, added some handles and the first snow sled made from foam was born!

Foam sleds are better than plastic sleds in our opinion because not only are they cooler with their graphic decks, they’re also WAY more comfortable because our foam provides a natural shock absorbing cushion when sledding down the hills!

In 2008, we started Keeper Sports.  2010 saw the launching of our Snow Daze™ brand.  Our goal was to provide the everyday mom and dad with an affordable, fun, colorful, stylish foam snow sled that not only performed but lasted! 

Since then, we’ve sold over 2 million sleds worldwide and helped to make memories for parents and their children wherever snow flies!  Currently we do not sell sleds directly to consumers – but we hope to do that with some exclusive sleds in the fall/winter of 2020.

We do however sell our Snow Daze brand to some of your favorite retailers across the U.S. The Snow Daze brand of sleds can be found at Wal-Mart U.S. and Canada, Sam’s Club and Grizzly Supply (E-retailer).

We know kids like their electronics, but we also know that no kid or adult can resist the thrill that sledding down a snowy hill can provide.  Get out and get sledding!

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Snow Daze Giveaway

Enter now to win a free knit hat from Snow Daze. 

Each month we will be running a giveaway for a free knit hat. All you need to do is submit your best photo on a Snow Daze sled and the 6 best photos we choose will win a free hat!

Submit your photo below!

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